Welcome Aitken Animals!

Welcome to the greatest house on UNB Fredericton campus! Aitken is one of only two single sex residences left at UNB, and the ONLY all male residence. This house is not only a residence, but a brotherhood to those who are lucky enough to call this place home.

Aitken was founded in 1958 and funded by Maxwell Aitken; also known as Lord Beaverbrook, being the second residence on UNB campus. However, in 2007 Residential Life decided that they would attempt to sell Aitken to the university and turn it into an academic building. When word spread, current residents and alumni came from all around to fight the cause and for the first time in UNB Board of Governor's history, a decision was overturned and the House was saved.

In Magni Dominus Umbra; In the shadow of great men.